My name is Richard and I have been interested in electronics and computers for a long time. Although I must say that I was never that great with electronics.

But recently I found out about the Arduino hardware platform and it has captured my imagination. So I promptly bought one from ebay and began to learn. At the heart of the Arduino is a Micro-controller (mini computer) and it is programmable. So instead of having to build a complex circuit to make a light blink you can just connect the light(LED) to the Arduino and through programming tell it to turn the light on and off. It really can be that simple. But I want to go further!

This blog is here for me to share as I delve into the world of the Arduino. The Arduino is an open source system so I would like to give back to the community if I can. I have read many other peoples web-pages and forum posts and would like to have an area to catalog what I am working on.

Feel free to make comments.


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