For anyone who is interested here is a Fritzing image of how the RGB Matrix in the other posts is actually setup. I have recieved a few queries about how the shift registers are connected to the Arduino, so I hope this helps people. It shows that there are two sets of DATA, CLK and Latch that come from the Arduino.

As I have said in other posts the IC’s I have used are MBI5026 (16ch, constant current, serial in Parrallel out) and the PNP transistors were rated up to 1.5amp. Capacitors are 0.1uf Ceramic type. Resistors are for IREF of the IC’s (currently I am actually using a trimpot on each IC)

I have omitted the connections from the IC’s to the columns of the Matrix. Also missing are the wires from the Row IC to the PNP transistors as well as the connections from the transistors to the Rows. This is simply because there would be A LOT of wire and if would acutally make it more difficult to follow what is going on and how it is setup. (about 90 connections omitted, not including the connections not shown to form the 16×16 matrix) If you are going to attempt something like this on breadboard be prepared to be sitting there wiring it up for a LONG time!