I purchased most of my parts from ebay and the rest from farnell(now element14).


  • 12pcs 8×8 red 3mm LED matrix
  • 10 x MBI5026 Serial LED Driver
  • 100 x S8550 PNP 1.5A Transistor
  • 50 x 100 ohm resistor
  • 5 x CD74HC154EN 4-16 Demultiplexer
  • 10 x 0.1UF CAPACITOR
  • 1 x Large Breadboard to fit everything on

Not included is the Arduino Duemilanove that I had purchased earlier. Note: I bought larger quantities than needed to make a peggy.

With the above components I set about turning the Peggy schematic into a working prototype on my breadboard. This lead to ALOT of wiring. I almost ran out of jumper wires. There was not enough space on the large breadboard for all of the components so I had to use another smaller breadboard as well. It was a big sprawling mess but when I powered it up and put the first program into the Arduino it came to life and worked fine.