First Attempt

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I purchased most of my parts from ebay and the rest from farnell(now element14).


  • 12pcs 8×8 red 3mm LED matrix
  • 10 x MBI5026 Serial LED Driver
  • 100 x S8550 PNP 1.5A Transistor
  • 50 x 100 ohm resistor
  • 5 x CD74HC154EN 4-16 Demultiplexer
  • 10 x 0.1UF CAPACITOR
  • 1 x Large Breadboard to fit everything on

Not included is the Arduino Duemilanove that I had purchased earlier. Note: I bought larger quantities than needed to make a peggy.

With the above components I set about turning the Peggy schematic into a working prototype on my breadboard. This lead to ALOT of wiring. I almost ran out of jumper wires. There was not enough space on the large breadboard for all of the components so I had to use another smaller breadboard as well. It was a big sprawling mess but when I powered it up and put the first program into the Arduino it came to life and worked fine.


Story So Far

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So I have made this blog after I started all of this so here is a little catch up.

I have been investigating the computer controlled Christmas lights that seem to be multiplying each year. And I thought “I could do something like that”. Well turns out that here in Australia its a bit more difficult than I thought as most of the material I found for it was meant for a US audience. But it got me thinking about what I could do. I came up with the idea of a LED matrix that could display moving pictures and animations. I found a few examples but they were way to technical and I couldn’t follow them. But then I came across a system that I could wrap my head around. It is called a PEGGY. It is made by evil mad scientists, I am not making that up(Google them). Specifically the Peggy 2.0 system. It is essentially a 25 x 25 grid of LEDs that has a microcontroller and some LED drivers. They have a kit but it is also open source and all of the schematics were there so I decided to make my own.

I want to build my peggy a bit bigger than theirs. So I spent a long while slowly gathering up everything I would need (I don’t have buckets of time to work on this, I have a family :))

I now have pretty much everything to attempt building it. And that I why I started this blog. To show my progress as I go.

I will make another post soon showing what I have done so far.